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A culture of doing the right things since March 3, 1989.

Anyone can promise great service, but not everyone can deliver it. At Insurance Outfitters®, we’ve built a culture around doing the right things. But don’t just take our word for it. Read these client testimonials to see exactly what we mean.

Excellent service and extremely fast. Honestly, I lucked out finding this company. Very easy to talk to, the staff always sounds so polite and happy. I will never search for another insurance company ever, I am now a customer for life!

Steph Himmel

Top-notch insurance professionals! They make sure you're aware of the different types of auto insurance coverage, including the optional, but very, very important underinsurance (UIM) coverage. They learn your needs and risks and propose insurance policies that actually provide the coverage you need and fit your budget.

Jeffrey Gustafson

Reliable and efficient. There was never a time where I was worried because I knew these guys had everything taken care of. Great and affordable insurance.

Chris Parandhamaia

All together Tom Maiden Insurance is nothing but a class act. Loves to work with the customer to find the best possible coverage and makes sure to display the best customer service possible. I fully recommend this company to anyone.

Christian Breitsameter

We have been insured with Tom for 16 years and are appreciative of the time the company takes to make sure we are knowledgable about our choices, and the friendliness and efficiency of the team. He is the best insurance professional with which we have ever had the opportunity to work.

John McGrath

I have known Tom Maiden since I purchased a home in Shepherdstown in the mid-90's. He always has a smile on his face and is happy to take the time to help in any way he can. He is never too busy to find the answer you are looking for or direct you to the person or company that can best assist you. I have gone to him on several occasions regarding different matters and he always has an answer for me or takes the time to find the answer to help me. I consider him a personal friend and am proud of him for serving our country in Iraq. I would recommend Tom and Insurance Outfitters® to anyone without hesitation. When you walk into Insurance Outfitters®, you are always treated as a friend. Thank you for all you do, Tom!

Mimi Rogers

Great customer service, I wouldn't want to work with any other insurance company. The best part about it is it's family owned, gotta love it.

Matthew McClure

Great customer service and more importantly very reliable insurance, in particular home and auto insurance, from my experience. Overall a great family owned company that does their best to accommodate your needs.

Nicholas Juran

After almost 20 years in business here in Shepherdstown, Tom and Michele are the first to show any measure of care about our insurance needs. Now all our business insurance has been "outfitted" to a T and my personal insurance is next. What a difference they make!

Tom Conant

Amazing customer service, absolutely outstanding work! Love this company and wouldn't go anywhere else. I rather kill myself than use another business.

Julia Gabriel